Introducing BSMT-1140T series

Introducing BSMT-1140T series,
The Most versatile SMD magnetic transducer in the industry.

From the establishment in 1997, our goal has always been making SMD magnetic transducers as a major product in the buzzer industry where THT type had been dominating.
After hearing customer all over the world’s feedback and getting through in-depth research, we finally developed new SMD magnetic transducer – BSMT-1140T series – with top versatility explained in this document.
Please find out why this part is different from others, and contact us or visit our booth.


Lowest priced SMD buzzer on the market

Cost Comparison of Buzzers

In the case of other electronic component industry, many customers have switched from THT to SMD, as cost in using both was at the same level. However, it was not the case in the buzzer industry yet, so there had always been a high demand for more affordable SMD buzzers from customers.

This was one of those things that we have focused. We planned to make part with good performance and reliability, at the same cost comparing to THT type. To do this, we had to build our production process from bottom to top, to cut out labor cost which is quite expensive in Korea.

Though there still is price difference as seen in above chart, we expect that there will be no worries in switching from THT to SMD buzzer in the future considering the mounting cost, productivity, and failure ratio.


Patented simple structure which brings high reliability

An explanation of Structural difference against other makers’ buzzer

How does this difference bring reliability?

A. Simpler part, constant quality.
As shown in above comparison, Bosan part’s main body is uni-body made of magnet, while other parts in the industry is consisted with 2~3 subparts which requires bonding/welding.
This simple structure promises an important internal factor in generating sound to be in high volume. This also promises that there will be less internal deformation due to high temperature.

B. Less parts, less processes
Since smaller number of parts are required to build Bosan’s part, it is much easier to develop automated machines with high efficiency. Bosan has succeeded in developing those 10 years ago thanks to the simple structure, and the machines has got more accurate each year since then.

C. Un-manned coil winding
Unlike buzzers from other manufacturer in this industry, Bosan buzzer’s simple structure enables its coil to be directly wound and soldered inside of part with full auto machine. With well designed machine management system, all the coils are wound and soldered with machine accuracy so this part has less chance of getting defected after pick-n-place and reflow process.


Swiftness and agility

Problem – what is happening in the industry

We receive inquiry from many customers all over the world complaining about former supplier’s irresponsible delivery. We see this problem arising from the culture of the Chinese industry, where most suppliers prefer doing manufacturing and distribution at the same time.
In other words, most of accidents happen because those suppliers forward product from its competitor.

We were in the same situation as well as those manufacturers years ago. Investing facilities/equipments for various kinds of product was not optimistic in most of cases. So we had to import from Chinese manufacturers and resell to customers.

Solution we have implemented

As time goes by however, we found out that it was essential to have a production system which can meet agility and reliability at the same time in the era of industrial booming. So we studied a production line which can produce from a hatchback to a sedan in one place, and the implementation was successful eventually.

As of 2017 this system is ready for SMD magnetic transducer, which is the major product of Bosanhitech. The first product from this system is BSMT-1140T series which we will introduce by this document and the Global Source trade show. And after collecting customer’s requirement through the show and all the communication, we plan to introduce 2 more product from 2018.